Not only has it been FOR. EH. VURR. since our last blog post….but, do you remember this iconic scene is the movie Sandlot? Character Michael “Squints” Palledorous tells a story about a neighborhood man and his dog, the BEAST, who lived in the junkyard and ate people.  This scene always makes me laugh — Squints’ wild imagination, imitation of adults, and larger-than-life story.  To Squints, everything is big, bold, dramatic, and fascinating.  I think we all can relate to this, looking back at how we perceived the world, people, and experiences we had when we were kids.

But remembering this simple, yet unforgettable movie scene got me thinking.  Why can’t we practice that big, bold, sometimes goofy imagination as ‘grown-ups’?


The last two months, Eric and I have been relatively normal, working, life-balancing adults.  Sure, we look like we are always having fun to family and friends, like we never touch work or punch a timecard.  But, time is truly limited with Eric traveling great amounts nationally and internationally…and when he gets back, I typically work weekends.  While both of us tend to be big, ambitious dreamers, our bold imagination has been put on hold thanks to the pushes and pulls of, as they name it, “adulting”.

With all of this adulting, we have had to learn how to truly BE adults together.  As you know, the first six months of our relationship was full of adventure and a road trip that allowed us to live in a climbing-running-venture-seeking-only reality.  Now?  We share a home office, have a property to take care of, both of our schedules to balance, two dogs that beg for exercise and attention, a refrigerator that needs constant restocking (we eat a lot), and other adult-like priorities to attend to.

Regardless, we work hard to squeeze in a ski, a tour, a run, a ride, a climb, a dog date with our pups, a nice dinner, or a movie night – and when we do, no adulting is allowed.  No financials, no house cleaning, no work, no grocery shopping, no worrying, no stressing.  Just us — and the fun we always have together.  It is in these moments that we realize how terribly easy it is to get sucked into the vortex that is adulthood.  How easy it is to limit ourselves while trying to be responsible grown-ups.  As Eric puts it, there is always an ‘adult’ reason as to why we should NOT do something, but is that ‘adult’ reason truly valid?


So, in these moments, we allow ourselves to let go.  We allow ourselves to stop making excuses for not taking a quick road trip, camping under the stars in our backyard mountains, or tackling an epic weekend excursion.  We get bright-eyed, bold, big, and imaginative.  “What if we climbed that?”  “Let’s run this trail over four mountain passes!”  “Wow, let’s explore there.”

Up close and personal with stellar dendrite.

It seems that, after last summer’s road trip, we felt like we needed to catch up as adults.  We needed to reestablish our reality as two working professionals and contributors to society.  Coming from two mid-western states, we were taught the values and respect of hard labor and work-centered life.  Eric and I love our professions and are contagiously passionate within them…so, naturally, we would go all in when we got back.  But, why did we feel like we needed to catch up?  Did we miss anything?  Should we feel guilty for not being the stern, business-like and boring adults that Squints imagined?

Of course not.

Over the last few months, in-between the waves of work, we have re-found the ‘Squints’ in us. Especially now, as the alpine sun is unthawing Breckenridge and the Front Range trails and crags are so very enticing, we have started a list of climbing, running and adventure objectives for the summer.  We know the list is long and very pie-in-the-sky, but that’s OK.  We want to always be big and bold.  We always want to imagine and dream.  Because, why not?  My hope is, for all of us, to find time to be big, bold, and imaginative between the moments of adulting.  Find that kid again who, literally, believed she could fly, travel through time, or walk on the moon.

Eric and I hope you are doing well, friends and family.  Check out more of our adventure photos in the Photo Highlights, Winter Adventures page.  Until next time!

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