Who We Are

10 weeks turned into a lifetime of adventure…

In the summer of 2016, we hit the road for ten+ weeks of the campervan life.  We traveled over 6,500 miles, climbing new routes and running new trails.  From Colorado to Canada, we pushed out of our comfort zones and discovered our love for adventure (and each other) along the way.  Our blog, 10weeks1campervan, documented our adventures.

We now have settled back in Breckenridge, Colorado – our home – but continue to live on and off the road in our van.  We still chase adventure in running, biking, climbing, and skiing whenever we can with our loving dogs, Toby and Madi.  Family and friends, join us for a personal take on our adventures on and off the mountain!

NEW TO THE BLOG?  Read about the writers in the words of the other below:


Heather pretty much rocks at all that she does and touches whether it be climbing, running, her professional life.  She’s an Ambassador Athlete for Altra Running shoes with a strong resume of ultra-distance races and to see her run is a beautiful thing.  Mind you, despite a pretty good resume of running events myself, she’ll only run with me on her “light, easy days” and even then I’m red-lining as she casually holds a one-sided conversation.  Likewise, one of the smoothest, most graceful climbers I’ve watched. (Belaying her can be tough as people seem to gather around to watch and often comment, ‘so that’s how it’s supposed to look’).  Most importantly she’s an amazing person inside and out and I’m blessed with every day I get with her!


Eric is the happiest man I have ever known.  He can make anything fun and light-hearted.  Things go wrong?  He will laugh and say, “well this sucks…but what can we do?”  Eric has a contagious smile and always finds my (terrible) jokes hilarious.  He is dorky beyond belief – kind of like me.  Oh, and he claims first ascents on skis.  Eric is one heck of a skier, being a well-versed ski mountaineer.  Eric knows his stuff in regards to climbing too, having years of rock and guiding under his belt.  He impresses me on every lead he conquers.  And, he makes me want to be the best version of myself in all areas of life – family, work, sport.  He pushes me on the rock and will do so on skis.  But, I am proud to say he cannot school me in running.  Oddly enough, he likes the fact that I can out run him, leading the way on the trail.  Or, maybe that’s on purpose?